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I play in the band Harpoon Forever and I co-host the weekly radio show "Don't Look Now" on 90.3 The Core each Thursday from 7:30-9 am.

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AlexGoldstein on 03/24/2011 at 02:30PM

A Conversation with Ugh of Satanicpornocultshop (mp3's + video)

via WFMU's Blog, March 8th 2011 -- Satanicpornocultshop are a band from Osaka, Japan who specialize in creating music that blends hip-hop, glitchy noise, traditional folk music, pop standards, and much more into a sound that is both frantic and reassuring, comforting and hysterical. In 2007, the group appeared on Cyclic Bits: The Raymond Scott Variations, the special created for Ergo Phizmiz's Phuj Phactory on WFMU, which is now available for download via the Free Music Archive. Since then, the group has released a few stellar records, including the impossibily-long titled yet brilliant Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos, the super funky Catholic Sunspot Apron, and the Kesalan Patharan e.p. available here on the FMA courtesy of UpitUp Records.

I was delighted to e-mail core Satanicpornocultshop member Ugh via e-mail:

On Catholic Sunspot Apron, the band covers the M.A.S.H. theme song several times. Why did you decide to play this song with the group? What does the song mean to Satanicpornocultshop?

Ψ(Θ)_(Θ)Ψ This song on this album [Catholic Sunspot Apron] is very important. I have covered this song under three different situations - "Logic," "Expression," and "Destruction." To transform an original song’s outlook by a cover song, this is an important theme of Satanicpornocultshop. An original song’s outlook is transformed by combining layers of sampling, the language, and the arrangement. Especially, "Suicide Is
Painless," which is a wonderful song that can be interpreted. I wanted to present the variation of "Selection of Recognition" on this album by same song.

Anyway, now I fight to complex the work for release Catholic Sunspot Apron on Some Bizzare, UK. It’s UK edition with a different mix, the different order. I will try to one more remix version of "Suicide Is Painless" on this forthcoming edition, to be released this year.
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AlexGoldstein on 12/10/2010 at 02:46PM

Alex Goldstein's Favorites of 2010

Here's a selection of some of my favorite tracks from the year that was 2010. Two personal highlights of the highlights would have to be Sun Araw's groovy-as-all-hell "Deep Cover," and when Unrest performed the sublime "Isabel" on Brian Turner's show. It was like when you finally got to hear that record you always wanted to hear, and it was just as good as you thought it would be...

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