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fsrlabel on 10/03/2011 at 09:06PM

"e.p. for the sleepy" = 3000

Congrats to north-without-end for having the first FSR release ("e.p. for the sleepy") to reach 3000 listens on the Free Music Archive!

Our latest releases:

Long Hair's "Triple Fake Live"
Alfred Bizarro To Be Exactly's "One Way Doomsday Trip To Nowhere"

More to come.

We love you.


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fsrlabel on 05/18/2011 at 02:44AM


FSR on the FMA!

Please be patient while we gradually upload everything (of course you can still get everything direct from, still for free).

Down the road a bit you will see some FMA-exclusive recordings.

For now, we've started with one of the earliest FSR releases, Waffle's The Lactose Intolerant Belgian Waffle EP, first made available on CD-R back in 1998.

Stay tuned!

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