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ange on 05/21/2013 at 08:30AM

Element Perspective: 3rd Anniversary Compilation from Osaka's Sound & Design Label

''Madonna'' by Rika Oshimi

Element Perspective is a sound and design label in Osaka, Japan. In celebration of their 3rd Anniversary, they're offering a free ambient electronic complation featuring tracks from AUCHREitsuqi doimitsuru shimizuMujika EaselN-qiaRika OshimisanmiSHOMOMOSEunmoyoko komatsu, and zmi. The album offers an abstract, google-translated description, explaining how the album is a journey to a higher level of consciousness through sound: "My lifetime were surrounded by crowd of sounds. The road to consciousness, to overdrive consciousness. Welcome to consciousness drive."

There's bonus artwork and higher quality files offered from the bandcamp release here.


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