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eg0cide on 08/30/2018 at 03:13PM

Introducing Eg0cide Productions (netlabel for experimental music) and the live recordings serie Solo Duo Trio co-organized with Apocope

Artwork of SDT2, created by Xavier Muissat (Apocope label)

Eg0cide Productions is a french netlabel specialized in experimental music founded in 2007 by Kecap Tuyul (aka The Ghost Between The Strings aka Failure Circle). Most of our releases are available for free downloads and published under Creative Commons LicensesWe have released more than 180 albums in various styles of music, including ambient, drone, experimental rock, free improvisation, noise, soundscapes and sound collages. Our full back catalog is available from For the past few years, the focus has naturally shifted towards free improvisation, noise and more conceptual works, considered not so much as well defined styles but rather as ways to generate idiosyncratic sounds and forms. Above all, we like to be surprised by inspired and unorthodox creations.

 This evolution is also related to the organisation of live events in Paris and around (since 2015 & the creation of the XtetX collective with a few other experimental musicians), and by the wish to publish live recordings. Since february 2018, eg0cide has partnered with another French label, Apocope, for a special serie of live events called Solo Duo Trio. All these concerts are recorded and later co-published as free download releases. The objective of this project is to give an insight into the deep, vivid and diverse French experimental music scene.

Since the second edition, the two labels cooperate with Les Instants Chavirés (Montreuil), one of the most durable and notable venues dedicated to experimental and improvised music around Paris. Two volumes have been published so far and can be found here or on eg0cide's site for more formats (flac and wav are available).

The third event of this serie will take place again atLes Instants Chavirés, on 5 october 2018. It will be centered about guitar players and feature Farida Amadou (from Liège, Belgium), Olivier Benoît & Julien Desprez (trio) ; Simon Henocq & Jean-Sébastien Mariage (duo) ; Clara De Asis (solo). We plan to publish the recordings around the end of 2018. With this kind of project we'd like to share recordings of french experimental musicians to a broader audience.



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