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Eg0cide Productions is a non-profit netlabel, created in summer 2007 by eg0cide S.A., who also produces sound works under various monikers; amongst them The Ghost Between the Strings (2006-2013) and Kecap Tuyul (2009 -...). Eg0cide releases various forms of experimental music including drone, free improvisation, noise, soundscapes and sound collages. For the past few years, the focus has naturally shifted towards free improvisation and more conceptual works, considered not so much as well defined styles but rather as ways to generate idiosyncratic sounds and forms. Above all, we like to be surprised by inspired and unorthodox creations.

This evolution is also related to the organisation of live events in Paris, France, mostly with the XtetX Collective that was co-founded in 2015 with a few other experimental musicians as a free improvisation group open to various contributions. The shows have become a series of more progressive and diversified events planned and coordinated by eg0cide. Since 2018, eg0cide has partnered with another French label, Apocope, for a special series of live events called "Solo Duo Trio". All these concerts are recorded and later co-published as free download releases. The objective of this project is to give an insight into the deep, vivid and diverse French experimental music scene.

Eg0cide S.A. also curates a conceptual and collaborative work titled “the perfect failure (?)”, a series of sound collages based solely on material considered “failures” by their authors. While we do not currently request new submissions for our regular releases, this project is still open to new submissions and contributors.

Here we will publish only recent releases (published after 2015 or so) and a selection of older albums. Our full back catalog is available for free download on archive.org. We are also on facebook , soundcloud and twitter

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