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The Beehive Recording Company
jason on 10/26/2012 at 11:00AM

Detroit Mixtape from The Beehive Recording Co.

The Beehive Recording Company is an incredible resource for quality, hand-crafted music from Detroit. They call it pop cuz it's damn good music, but Beehive is out to preserve a contemporary snapshot of everything from R&B to Russian folk, instrumental jazz to abstract hip-hop, electro-punk rock to the best kinds of avant weirdness. Detroit really sounds like a city where artists can pursue their vision, and Beehive is the singular vision of Stephen Nawara, a lifelong musician who's played with everyone from the Detroit Cobras to the Electric Six. He founded Beehive after going through the major label system, finding that it wasn't fair to artists, and deciding to start something that could really make a difference for Detroit's vibrant local music community. Beehive offers in-kind recording sessions at "Studio Bee," then gives each artist a platform to a wider audience through where you'll find many more free mp3s by each of the artists featured on this sampler mixtape.

We're pleased to welcome The Beehive Recording Company to the FMA with this 34-track Detroit Mixtape! I'll let Beehive's "King Bee" Stephen Nawara take it from here:

Greetings from the Motor City! Here in beautiful Detroit, Mi., a new direction for the music industry has taken root and what you are about to experience is but a small sample of work from the countless musicians found here within the city limits. The Beehive Recording Company opened its doors on the Fourth of July, 2010, allowing bands and songwriters to come into our studio and record up to 3 songs for free. When the recordings are completed, artwork is provided to turn their compostions into digital singles complete with an A and B side. Afterwards, the singles are posted on our website, free for our members to download. Any genre of music is welcomed and encouraged, though bands that try to imitate the Top 40 sound, void of colloquialisms, are never welcomed. It is our mission to find what is unique and different about the environment that surrounds us and the more we look; the more we find.

After 2 years, over 50 singles have been released, our membership has risen to over 3,000 people from around the world, and our songs have been downloaded over 10,000 times. This has been done with no advertising, exhibiting the raw demand from both performers and audience alike, to find relief from the antiquated ways of the current music industry. Through the practice of 'in-sourcing', Beehive acts as a magnifying glass to Detroit's intricate culture. Not only do musicians benefit from the exposure we are able to provide, but local painters, photographers, and designers have also gained larger audiences by contributing their work to Beehive.

From generation to generation, Detroit has been a source of boundless creativity from jazz to blues, Motown to punk, and funk to techno. A town that has been the birthplace of many genres of music as well as the source of a persistent flow of musical stardom like Madonna, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, Jack White, Iggy Pop, Eminem, Aretha Franklin, and so many others. Though the attention of the press comes and goes, the energy and determination that belongs to our artists is relentless and it is the duty of Beehive to capture as many of these sounds as possible. As this idea continues to grow, we hope to have new Hives pop up in other cities across America, encapsulating what makes their city unique.

So please become a member today and help encourage the growth of this new idea. It costs nothing, it is easy to do, and the only notifications that we send out is to show our gratitude when one donates to our cause. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the free sounds of The Beehive Recording Company, "Detroit's Hand Crafted, Quality, Pop Music!"

Check out the beautiful album art...

...and download the full releases by signing up at the Beehive!



cat stargate on 10/27/12 at 10:54PM
This isn't just a bunch of undiscovered acts. A closer look reveals several known bands and musicians.

For instance:

Robert Harlow- Member of The Go, Conspiracy of Owls, Magic Jake & the Power Crystals (Burger Records)

Kenny Tudrick- Member of Detroit Cobras, Kid Rock and countless others

Jimbo Easter- Member of The Piranhas (In The Red Records)

The Joe Dirty Show- Members of The Dirtys and Bantam Rooster (Crypt Records)

Joe Mazzola- Member of Sponge, Detroit Cobras

Duane- Third Man Records

Jackson Fredrick Smith- member of Patti Smith, Karen Elson among countless others

Gardens- Alive/Bomp Records

The Hentchmen- Norton Records and a million other labels as well

The Widbunch- Electric 6 former band name

Fishheads- Member of Clone Defects (In The Red Records)

Feelings- Features Dave Buick of Italy Records fame

Johnny Ill- Italy Records

Tamara- Member of The Thornbills (Third Man Records)

Gingerale Revolution- Featuring Freddy Forune, Steve Nawara and John Krautner

...check out Beehive's site, you might be surprised who actually plays on some of these songs!
babu21 on 12/05/12 at 11:32AM
First of all I want to give a lot of thanks to The Beehive Recording Company. But I want to know that do they like to make an archive for Indian Classical music?
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