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angeldustrecords on 08/06/2012 at 12:00AM

[adr-006] Various Artists – Melodica Time

[adr-006] Various Artists – Melodica Time

Like stepper dub? Like melodica? Then you’re going to love this new EP from 4 of the best and most prolific dub artists from the netlabel community in France.

Phoniandflore (aka P.A.F) starts the musical journey with the original mix. With a driving bassline, swirling eastern groove and melodic melody, P.A.F treats us to some classic stepper goodness.

Additional remixes by Shan-a-Shan, Injham and Jideh High take the track to additional heights. Injham refines the beat a little, whilst keeping true to the original groove. Shan-a-Shantreats us to a more liquid sound and Jideh Hightakes this one stage further with a distinctly watery dub.

This is French electrodub at it’s finest and we’re proud to present this to you for your musical enjoyment, from Angel Dust Records & Marée Bass.

Phoniandflore (or PAF) is based in Périgueux, France, and started to play music at the age of 8. Apart from his own experiments in dub, he also works with the Outa Steppaz. You can find him at Myspace and Soundcloud as well as over 50 releases in Jamendo.
Shan-a-Shan is a riddim builder/dub maker from Marseille, France. His work is in electronic/acoustic way and differents styles. He’s always open for collaboration with musicians or singers/DJ/MC.
You can contact him at:
Injham is from Babylonie Rouennaise, France. He won a melodica at the Feast of Musique when he was 8 years old. The follolwing year he played his first piece at the Feast! By the age of 10 he turned to saxophone, and as a young adult started to compose hios own music and get involved in jazz and reggae bands.  By 1999 he was focusing on dub.
Jideh High is a riddim maker, using all kinds of instruments: Percussions,Computer, Mixing Desk,Effects, Drums & Keys programming,Bass,Guitar & MIC.He’s also a DUBmixer for live bands & his own HIGH LMNTS Riddim & Dub soundsystem. When playing a live dub set he uses a Mic , a drum, a mixingdesk & many effects as instruments – dubbing it in the mood of the moment , in Tune with the message of the Music.




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