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newweirdaustralia on 07/08/2012 at 11:39AM

Wood & Wire launches new catalogue of Australian music

‘Wood & Wire‘ is a new digital record label, promoting experimentation in Australian music across all genres.  Born of New Weird Australia, but existing separately from it, ‘Wood & Wire’ launched in June with four free releases:

- ‘Inter Alia‘ from Melbourne duo Peon, featuring Lloyd Swanton from The Necks

- the debut release from young experimental electronic producer, Emily Grantham, titled ‘Chocolate Syrup‘

- a complete remake of the reviled Lou Reed & Metallica album ‘Lulu‘ from BOK Darklord (aka Buttress O’Kneel and Lucas Darklord)

- and the self-titled debut from Machine Death, featuring reknowned experimental artist Ben Byrne and Ivan Lisyak from The Paper Scissors.

‘Wood & Wire‘ releases are now available on the Free Music Archive on the Wood & Wire label page.

Two new records are added to the Wood & Wire catalogue each month - coming next, releases from Regional Curse, Shisd, James Domeyko and Setec.



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