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newweirdaustralia on 07/14/2012 at 07:52AM

New Wood & Wire releases from Regional Curse and Shisd

Photography by Stacey Wilson - for Regional Curse 'Natural Living'

New Australian digitial record label WOOD & WIRE continues its monthly release schedule with two new records from Adelaide’s REGIONAL CURSE and Canberra producer SHISD.

‘Natural Living’ is the third release from REGIONAL CURSE, the solo project of Stacey Wilson (RITES WILD, TERRIBLE TRUTHS, COMFORT ZONES). The record was performed, recorded & mixed at home by Wilson in the autumn of 2012, directly after leaving her home town of Adelaide to move to Melbourne. Refracted through pervasive themes of ascension and natural progression, ‘Natural Living’ marks a shift for Wilson into territories occupied by low-toned electronic synth and spacious drum work.

しsd – EP is the self titled debut release of the 19-year-old, Canberra-based producer Felix Idle aka SHISD. A passion for the pop of the 1960s and an intuitive ear for texture and harmony inform this carefully constructed EP. Delicate vocal work (mostly courtesy of his brother and some-time collaborator, Cape North) is underpinned by complex and thoughtful musical arrangements. Simultaneously spacious and claustrophobic, this is what laptop music would have sounded like in 1967.



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