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WM_Recordings on 11/07/2009 at 01:50PM

WM Recordings celebrates 5th birthday and 100th free release

Five years, 100 free albums, nearly 1000 free tracks. That's WM Recordings in a nutshell for you.

We celebrate our fifth birthday with the release - yes, our 100th! - of a special compilation of cover versions, remixes, and tracks about free, legal music. We hope you'll celebrate with us.

What others say:

"Where most netlabels dare to only feature a small handful of genres, WM Recordings is astronomically diverse in it's musical styles and directions. Having enjoyed more music than I can mention, I wonderfully wish them another 5 years to make 200 releases of solid sounds."
-- Otis Fodder,


"Five years ago I wrote, "Super excited and grateful that WM Recordings has sprouted. Here's to it blossoming in the years to come."
Blossom it has. Now we celebrate 100 releases and five years of unusual, wonderful free music, and a fantastic catalog for sale. Countless ears around the world have enjoyed their music. WM Recordings has been a positive place on the web for five years, and we are all so fortunate for it!
Congratulations to Marco and all of the WM Recordings artists on five years of blossoming. Happy Birthday, WM Recordings."
-- Katyana,

In the ever expanding world of netlabels, there's an elite few who I've found to be a consistent source of both intriguing and quality music. In my constant quest for netaudio gems, WM Recordings delivers them again and again. Congrats on your first 5 years and 100 releases! I look forward to the next!
-- Mike Gregoire, Founder/Curator

"It is incredible that we've reached release number 100 now. Another album made possible by "real people"! To quote a dear friend of mine: for over the top produced albums go the nearest shopping mall, for music by people like you and me, go to WM Recordings! WM Recordings also means: live your own dreams and not those of others."
-- Jan Turkenburg,

All free WM Recordings releases are also available from the FMA:

Happy Elf - "Online" (04:24)
Happy Elf - "Online" (04:24)


jason on 11/07/09 at 02:22PM
Marco -- congratulations on 5 years of WM Recordings!

There's a lot to celebrate! In addition to 100 fantastic free recordings from an eclectic, global artist roster, you've inspired countless more artists and netlabels to follow the path you helped pave. So cheers to the thriving netlabel culture that you've helped to create (along with some of the fantastic people quoted in this post!). And here's to a wide open future of sounds yet to come from WM Recordings and the netlabel community at large!
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