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bondad on 03/15/2010 at 08:35PM

thisis a humalong (feat. featherbeard)

Okay, so this one is a little different!

Martian Favela Funk, New Weird Brazilian Peanut Butter Conspiracy…or something. You Decide!

My buddy featherbeard is a man about town, and upon playing me a progression he came up with on his ukulele, I suggested we make a tune out of it…here it is. This was a truly magical day of recording. All these amazing musicians graciously dropped by the studio to lace the track…and in one day it was done.





Vocals and Ukulele: featherbeard
Guitar: Josh Lopez and Marcel Camargo
Keys: Aaron Arntz
Vibes: Nick Mancini
Bass and Programming: Gabe Noel
Drums and Perc: Just About Everyone
Women’s Choir: Miss KK, Chloe Park, Michelle Miskovich, Anna Simpson, Azalia SnailRachel Bar-Gadda, and Holland Greco

Lyrics by featherbeard
Music by featherbeard and Gabe Noel
Recorded by KamranV and John Gillilan in the Bedrock Room @ Bedrock Studios
Mastered by John Wood
Produced by Gabe Noel

artwork courtesy of Allison Grant.


This bum he reaches down his hand
to caress my breast, oh man.
It burns right through this skin of mine
and peels down to white bone so fine.

And this is a summer song lie die die die
And this is a humalong lie die die die

The poison is filling up my brains.
The poison fills up all my brains.
My teeth, they, fall out one by one;
Yet talkin’ gums is so much fun

And this…

Roly poly under a stone.
Roly poly lives alone.
Roly poly forms a ball.
Roly poly’s got it all.

And this…

This is the third in a series of five songs – released weekly – culminating in an upcoming EP entitled vosotros presents: Rhoda.



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