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bondad on 02/23/2010 at 01:00PM

New Farmer (feat. Mia Doi Todd)

About a month ago, John gave me an album entitled Follow The Music: A Commemorative Sampler of Elektra’s Pre-Rock Era. Essentially a collection of folk music, I quickly became enamored with a number of different elements of these recordings. The intentional: the simple forms of the songs, the directness of the lyrical meaning. As well as the elements inherent of the time period in which they were recorded: The fuzzy, consonant-shy vocal sonority, the time constraints of recording vinyl, the hiss and scratch of vintage technology. Using all these elements as criterion for the composition, I began. This simple song encapsulates an entire relationship in three and one half minutes, and features one of Los Angeles’ most creative musicians, Mia Doi Todd.

I hope you enjoy “New Farmer”.


Mia Doi Todd- Vocals
Rob Hardt- Flutes
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson- Viola
Marcel Camargo- Guitar
Larry Goldings- Celeste
Nat Mcintosh- Tuba
Gabe Noel- Programing

written, recorded, and mixed by Gabe Noel. mastered by Nate Wood.

artwork courtesy of Allison Grant.

This is the first in a series of five songs – released weekly – culminating in an upcoming EP entitled vosotros presents: Rhoda.

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