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turnmeondeadman on 11/20/2013 at 01:47AM

Conspiracy A​-​Go​-​Go: Garage/Punk/Psych About the JFK Assassination

Over the years many songs that reference the JFK assassination have been written and recorded. I have compiled a list of these songs on the Turn Me On, Dead Man website. In doing that I got the idea to ask current garage, punk and psychedelic bands if they would like to contribute a track to a new compilation of JFK songs. Conspiracy A-Go-Go is the result. Several of these songs were previously unreleased and all but five of the tracks have been released since 2010. As the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination approaches, it is clear that this event is still very much in the popular mind.



coastalbreak on 11/15/13 at 08:58PM
And now we live in a society he warned us about.
Iololike on 11/23/16 at 09:19AM
I think that so
Iololike on 06/07/17 at 04:04AM
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