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Simon_Mathewson_1429 on 04/11/2018 at 09:42AM

Netlabel Launch

Hello. We are Nul Tiel Records and this is the launch of our new netlabel on the FMA. The music we release spans various genres but leans towards the electronic, repetitive and spacey including krautrock, dub, drone, psychedelic and ambient. Each artist, band or collaboration records their own music, so you'll find improvised live recordings, computer music, bands, guitar loops and collaborations. We have a small roster of artists but are always on the look out for like-minded musicians. Much of the music here has been used for non-commerical projects including videos, podcasts and games but commercial usage will always be considered.



odonnell on 04/14/18 at 02:46AM
Yum! I wouldn't have said that I particularly go for any of the genres listed, but I'm on the 3d album and really enjoying the music. (Reinforcing my prejudice that music doesn't need nor benefit from genres.) Cheerio, and thanks for the moozicks.

Needless to say I'll be watching for the next album.

Oh, yeah, I'm also intrigued by the label's name. It might mean "Nothing like that" in Esperanto. Or it might be sorta Nederlandische or Deutschish. Or it might be nothing like that. You might want to explain, or you might not.
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