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Since 2004, Nowaki publishes, distributes and keeps close to artists interested in music and sound practices from today. We offer a catalog of music intimate and hybrid, and trying to reconcile new electronic practices, contemporary composition, art and sound design. Discographic producer for four years, we have chosen to continue our operations by building a platform for music on the Internet. A large platform free and abundant, which we hope will allow us to accommodate more artists, more public, and also to bring together circles, a priori, does not think so. 

Virtuality is a tool to discover Nowaki from freely and without coercion. But behind the site, artists are invested and willing, ready to exchange, to meet, to work together, to propose. 

We want to provoke a creative dynamic, reflecting concerns of young composers today. And if the music you hear here will not always be obvious, we try it always involves the listener and it generates creativity. 

The music does not offer solutions, but it can accompany the life of a mysterious beauty that is not based on either the sense or reason. And we believe that, ultimately, we need this part of the imagination that only promotes the art of music. 

Nowaki is run by Sebastian Llinarès and Marc Jolibois. We currently live and work between Paris and Toulouse. Your suggestions are welcome. You can send us your demo by mail or Internet. We will listen carefully and will contact you.

via nowaki-music.org, Nov 2012


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