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Needle Drop Co.

Needle Drop Co. is a full service music agency specializing in library music licensing, music supervision and original music production. A number of contributors to The Needle Drop Production Library are willing to offer their music to creators under the guidelines of a CC- BYNC license. You can find them here.


Needle Drop Co. was founded with a punk rock attitude and lofty goals. We believe that a socially conscious and artist-driven industry is the future of music and film. This is our way of joining the movement towards that goal.


We value music and artistry. As long-time members of our creative community in Portland Oregon, we want to empower musicians financially with a sustainable platform to pursue what they love. In turn our model is designed to benefit storytellers with easy access to great music.


If you are a composer or producer and want to join our community, send a playlist of your best work to: [email protected]

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Quincy on 09/20/15 at 04:43PM
Hi, just wanting to make sure that I'm understanding... I really like some of the tracks on Yeyey, but the licensing does not permit their use in a Kickstarter campaign video. Is this right? ...No biggy if I can't, just want to make sure I'm doing things right.
Quincy on 09/20/15 at 05:00PM
nevermind I figured it out. thx
losttraveler47 on 03/11/16 at 06:40PM
Wow, really nice collection here. If you're like me and looking for music on a video, this is the holy grail. Thanks for putting it together.
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