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headphonica on 01/14/2014 at 03:43PM

Headphonica is calling.

dear internet, dear music-listeners, dear lovely people,

headphonica is calling. headphonica is asking. headphonica is wondering.

well, to let you know: some time ago martin, the strongest part of headphonica, left the building. for some month now the three left-overs (is this my german-like-english?) clemens, marian and tommy kept going on in a kind of slow-down way.
headphonica is still there and will release more lovely music in the future.

but as for myself, tommy, not being that much into internet and stuff, i was wondering where a lot of netlabels gone? what about netlabels in general? is it more diy again? more soundcloud and more bandcamp and more what about releasing music on a netlabel these days? what about, for a listener of music, about looking for netlabels to find new music? is or was the netlabel-scene like a closed group?

and YOU as someone who is listening to headphonica-music now and then: what are you expecting? is a netlabel, releasing music now and then, still a netlabel? is it still alive? or is headphonica lost from the stream of life? i am wondering. i am really wondering.

well, yes, maybe this is a kind of WAITING FOR SOME FEEDBACK from the other side.

HELLO listener of headphonica-music! how are you?

HELLO netlabel-scene! how are you?

HELLO free music! everthing still fine?

well, do not get me wrong. but … well, …

warm greetings.
tommy from headphonica.



Nulogic Netlabel on 01/15/14 at 10:45AM
For some time I noticed how the netlabel scene is declining. From my point of view, one of the main reasons is the progress in online promoting platforms such as band camp, in which the artist himself is in charge for promoting and selling his own work in a professional manner. Label and distributor in just one site. This is a good thing! Still, do not think the netlabel scene is dead. I´m the manager of Nulogic Netlabel. For me it´s a matter of altruism. I have a passion for music and enjoy discovering new artists and sharing them in the best way I know, through my netlabel and it´s promotional tools. At the same time, I share the philosophy of the netlabel scene and I truly believe in Creative Common licenses.
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