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headphonica on 03/02/2010 at 12:13PM

Ergo Phizmiz & Friends "The Faust Cycle" FMA-Edition

OMG, Finally!

Ergo Phizmiz & Friends: "The Faust Cycle [FMA-Edition]"

This Release is all about to transgress boundaries:

- period of time [14 hours]

- perception [how?]

- filesize [1.5 GB]



After releasing "The Faust Cycle" at headphonica on January 1st we instantly started trying to upload the 5 chunks here because nearly all of Ergo Phizmiz' latest releases have been added to the FMA. All regular compression-rates down to 128kbps failed, maybe because of the tracklengths. The last attempt was to re-cut the 5 chunks into 12 portions each about 70 minutes, but even this failed in 320kbps, maybe because of the filesize, we don't know. And last but not least it appeared to be impossible to get all the portions into 1 album... hahaha!

Anyways here you are: The FMA-Edition of "The Faust Cycle"

The great advantages of this special Edition are mainly three:

1. it's right here on the FMA

2. it doesn't eat as much diskspace :)

3. it's easier to access the whole piece in smaller portions [even if this is maybe contradictory to the original intention of the piece]

So you could ask "Why should i download these 1.5 GB?" Well, there are many reasons, at least 46. Maybe you shouldn't miss how "Marcel Duchamp learns to rap" or the "walking grammophone". Maybe you'd like to know what happens to "an aroused monkey backstage in an opera house" and "a singing child psychatrist"...

Anyways, you should know that there's a beautiful hughe [DIN A3, 2sided] artwork from Moritz Gruenke from bueropluspunkt which you should download definately: Faust Cycle Artwork

If you'd like what you hear and think of writing a review about this piece you should consider that someone tried already.

In the end you might be a musician inspired by this work? Then go to Ergo Phizmiz' Blog and get the samples for remixing it.

However, you should first enjoy listeni!



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