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Bozoo on 02/07/2017 at 02:52PM

Da ! Heard It Records: Net-label & free culture

Founded in 2006, eclectic label Da ! Heard It Records aims to promote new artists and new music. D!HR is a label that is open to the world, be it to professional artists or to amateurs, and accessible to all listeners, as per its engagement to free and free-of-charge culture as well as the nature of its publications.

From nocturnal peregrinations to musical events and multiform creations, it’s been almost ten years since Max Parasite first started observing the Da ! Heard It Records label; ten years of dealing with artists with terribly improbably works: unrestrained circuit bending, grandiose chiptune, disheveling catharsis, or cavernous industrial ambient.

Anything is possible.

From the start, it seemed clear that this small community very engaged in free access to culture needed to be talked about. The idea of a documentary soon surfaced. After digging deep into the arcane corners of the Internet to investigate the beginnings of European 8-bit, Max Parasite found a bunch of the label’s artists: Ben et Béné, Computer truck, Eat Rabbit, Infecticide, Jacques Cochise, Klaten, Le Matin, Sidabitball, Skinfaxe, Sputnik Booster.

From this resulted a unique documentary about an autonomous microcosm as astonishing as it is obscure:

All of the releases introduced in this documentary are available for free listening and free downloading at the label’s site:



katya-oddio on 02/08/17 at 10:06PM
YES!!! How excellent is this? Great to see and hear Johan and the whole gang in action. Bravo! I would love to see this kind of loving production for all the great netlabels.
katya-oddio on 02/08/17 at 10:07PM
Thank you for the heads up, Bozoo! All the best in 2017!
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