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Audition Records

Audition Records is a series of documents centered on different compositional approaches to Free, Noise and all kinds of Experimental and Improvised Music performances as part of an effort to provide a exclusive space where instruments and sonorities can dialogue in freedom and intelligent sensibility, without concern for the semantic school or the stylistic signature of the performers.

The project was born on January 15th of 2010.


We like to think more in terms of documents rather than publications or net-releases. We're not a netlabel.


In Audition we want to expand and built a real network as e-magazine of improvised music and radical experiments, and with this idea, "between freedom and sound" we´re proudly supported by many important musicians, journalists and curators, musical associations, sound art residences and european improvising orchestras, international labels, jazz e-magazines and fanzines...

The philosophy of this new proposal aims to open a new space on the netaudio community focused on improvised music and live performances around the world.

Audition Records is curated and managed by Julian Bonequi (Mexico), with the collaboration of Aniana Heras (Spain), Mauro Martinuzand Transfertlab Studio (Italy, Berlin), and our partners in Berlin, NK Project and Salon Bruit.

Since 2012, Audition Records is curating some musical meetings in Berlin. With Salon Bruit, RAM (Radical Animation & Musik + "a collaborative movie in 10 months") at K77.

And in collabration with Bei Roy, the Ohrengala series, curated by CoCo.

Recently we start ART IN RELEASES, a new idea by Audition in collaboration and with the support of Transfertlab Studio. Each month we invite solo musicians to record commissioned compositions and improvised sets based on preconceived structures. Transfertlab co-produces with Audition, recording, mixing and mastering the sessions.

Also we want to say thanks to Edu Comelles (SP), creator and promotor of Audiotalaia for the support in the very beginning in 2010 of Audition's project. 

Currently Audition Records is based in Berlin.


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