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Who we are: we are a record label, like many others are, but we're a whole lot more than that. We are the baby of Lars. Lewerenz, who began to release our music, the music of his friends, his adopted family, in 2003. Which was a good decision, we've celebrated ourselves for this everywhere in the meantime. Cuz Audiolith Youth is everywhere. And we're there with it and down with it. We're coming to your town, and we're listening to what you have to say, and we'll see each other in the streets and we'll be wearing the same t-shirt. Your style is important to us, cause you like our mix. So you become part of it, cause everything fun and authentic goes, cause we're don't dig getting in trouble but rather get on parking lots. On which we rave. We drink our beer. But don't close our heads. We dance and sing songs. Cause we're way hotter than the crap they try to flog at you in Discounterland. Don't listen to them. Loosen up. Blow your mind with good music.

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