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studio11 on 12/30/2013 at 02:00AM

Angel Alanis: Discover Chicago Techno At It's Best

Accomplished DJ and producer Angel Alanis has been a friend of Studio 11’s for quite awhile. Most anyone familiar with the underground techno scene in Chicago and its raves and loft parties in the 1990’s and early 2000’s can surely share memories of Angel’s late-night DJ sets or a story (or four) about after-partying with him. Studio 11 owners Dan Scalpone and Alex Gross have been duckin’ and dodgin’ with Alanis for about as long as he has been DJ'ing, which is over 20 years! He’s been putting out tracks for half as long and a couple of years ago made a major move from Chicago to Cincinnati, where he has continued to consistently release new music.

Throughout the last 17 years, Alanis has published over 100 eps on labels A-Squared Muzik, Slap Jaxx, Tresor, Thoughtless, Potty Mouth, Greenskeepers, OM, Afro Acid and many more. A-Squared Muzik is a label Angel himself started over 10 years ago to release music from artists that he wanted to provide exposure to as well as release his own original material. As of late, Angel has been working mostly with his own labels and for the legendary DJ Pierre and his record label Afro Acid as manager and engineer. Even with these responsibilities, the in-demand Angel finds time to continually put out new material from experimental to harder edgier techno.


Interview with Alex Gross from Studio 11:

When did you start DJing and producing music?

I started DJing when I was 14. It was a time when you had to get turntables and eventually (around 2005) I started messing with machines.

What inspired you to pursue DJ'ing and EDM?

The radio. I was DJ'ing and making electronic dance music way before EDM came about. :-P - for a while I was really jaded by the scene and all of the bullshit and people that came with it… Later there was a woman, Marea who for a little while inspired me to fuck around with other styles and take chances again. Eventually, I figured out that she was just like any other NEW Dj in the scene trying to get a break. Just panders to whomever throws any deal at her and goes where the wind blows. If a huge hip hop / pop producer blew her up right now, she may take the bait. Kind of like a redneck to new money. Anyways, thanks girl… You helped me keep believing. Keep on pushing on. (Wow, that did not make me sound jaded at all)... hehe. Fuck you!!! :-P

Where was your first DJ performance in Chicago?

My first? who knows…. I never really kept track. I was a wedding Dj, and a bedroom Dj for a long time. Then, I met Frankie Vega and his brother. Sooner or later, it must have been one of our shows. We did lots of shows… Then, Frankie did plenty more. Really good people.

What is your favorite place to DJ in the world?

Colombia, and then there’s Germany. People just dance. They don’t hold up the walls if they don’t know the DJ or walk out if the DJ is not that great. Quite different from America. People here expect you to be blasted on RA and juggle while you DJ… Look pretty and dress up.

Of your releases which do you feel best exemplifies your style?

Subconscious Tango - Konsequent

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Dave Clarke, Neil Landstrumm, The Advent anddddddd the list goes on.

As I've heard you recently spent the last year in Berlin, how did you enjoy it?

I loved it. I felt liberated. Liberated from the techno dweebs in America who all own the same records, go to the same shows and have little circle jerk parties comparing notes on the same shit over and over. Not to mention the close and vigilant eye of police at every turn. You can’t go anywhere without some asshole cop checking your plates or making sure you behave. We are little kids being watched and told how to live our lives, and told when to and what to buy. We are sold just about everything and we are eager to buy into anything that gets put on paper.  Sheeple. I think that’s what festivals are for. Sell more.

Any recommends for clubs and DJ's one might catch in Berlin on their next visit?

Just go and walk around…. Its not hard to find a sound or a place that you will call home. For me and my wife Maria Goetz, our second home was Tresor. Lovely people, lovely vibe… Just an amazing place.

What are you working on now?

An album and lots of free techno… Lots of collaborations and another album with Maria Goetz. Net label stuff. I am particularly tired of the rat race the stores and top 100 DJs have created. Telling you what you should be buying. This “Techno” scene needs more mentoring and more supportive for the “new guy/girl”. Fuck you and your Beatport sales… No one is there to steal your thunder.


Angel Alanis aka Owslah started as a DJ at the age of 14 and, in 1997, released his debut double­pack techno EP titled “Advanced Therapy" on Contact Records owned by Legendary DJ Hyperactive. Since then, he continues to produce a diverse stream of techno, currently landing him on labels such as Naked Lunch, Afro Acid, Kombination Research, Impact Mechanics, Chroma, Gynoid, Spark, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Torque, Phobiq, Driving Forces, Bush and Boys Noize, and has also been featured on Tresor, Tronic, White Noise, Konsequent, International House Records, Moody and more. In 2011, Angel established a Detroit style label “D­Form Recordings” with partner Steve Parker and in 2012/2013 his own labels “Slap Jaxx,” and “PatSeq”. In addition, his work on the Freedom Series albums and continuous flow of remixes proves Angel’s passion for, and dedication to, the music, and not the hype.





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