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programamarcabranca on 11/07/2012 at 09:15AM

Marca Branca #4 - Some Portuguese Hip-Hop

Creative Commons licensed photo by eny-one

For the past 30 years, hip-hop has been the musical language of struggle: no matter what you’re rapping about lyrics tend to be some kind of personal statement. Although it was born in the US, throughout the years hip-hop has been adapted and reinvented a bit all over the world. Its sound has also evolved collecting both global and local influences. However, one of the features that seem to be perpetuated along the way is the use of the mother tongue regardless of the place you’re at. Portugal is no exception.

Late 90’s brought broad band internet connections to a wide range of Portuguese homes. Ever since that happened, the underground hip-hop movement has developed itself using different channels on the web. Back in the days, forums and IRC channels used to be the proper ways to promote a new song. Then YouTube arrived and the works started to become viral with countless hits on the play button. A few years ago, MySpace was obviously also an important network but Facebook changed the game once again. That along with the rise of free file hosting platforms such as Mediafire or MegaUpload (RIP) was the boost that underground Portuguese hip-hop needed to reaffirm itself as a legitimate cultural movement.

With this said, we are proud to show you some of the hottest records Portuguese rappers are releasing nowadays. J-K is a young man in his (not so early) 20’s whose flow and lyrical depth are worth of being labeled as contemporary sound poetry. While his first album is not complete, he delivered two amazing mixtapes on Monster Jinx netlabel/artist collective allowing anyone who wanted to freely download and share his music. Mixing a laidback funky mood with some heavy toned songs, he is definitely a name to pay attention to. Both of them  - "Complexo de Inferioridade" ("Inferiority Complex") and "Armadura Brilhante" ("Shiny Armor") can now be found on FMA, here's a quick preview.

On the other hand we have veteran Dengaz. His path in music began when he was still 14 back in 1998. At the time, he was into hip-hop but soon enough he focused on reggae sound. After playing on some of the biggest Portuguese festivals with his band, he turned to hip-hop once again, collaborating with Portuguese uprising star Richie Campbell both in studio and in several live shows. In September, he decided to release his debut mixtape "AHYA" freely on the web. The result is more than 8000 downloads in less than a month and Free Music Archive is now helping to improve those stats.

*Since 2008, Programa Marca Branca has been the only regular portuguese radio show exclusively dedicated to netaudio and free culture, with weekly podcasts and features on this digital universe.

J-K - "Perspectivas" (03:57)
J-K - "Perspectivas" (03:57)
J-K - "Aperitivos" (03:49)
J-K - "Aperitivos" (03:49)


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