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programamarcabranca on 09/20/2014 at 08:04AM

Dub, hip-hop and ethnic beats, or Metastaz

Metastaz live @ NetaudioLX 2012

We were kind of shocked when we found out Metastaz works were not yet on Free Music Archive. Needless to say, we solved the problem. As for today, his albums "Orient Dub Express" and "Encounters" can be freely streamed and downloaded through FMA.

Over the past few years, Metastaz has been one of the most interesting artists in the netaudio sphere. Self-releasing his works under Creative Commons licenses, he's well-known for his unique fusion of dub with hip-hop and ethnic beats. Listening to the French producer is listening to his own journey, travelling from continent to continent, always searching for new ways of expression through music. After performing a bit all over the world (USA, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzégovina, Croatia, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica), the artist has now settled in New Delhi, but who knows what the next stop will be...

metastaz, ethnic beats, dub


Shanny on 10/03/14 at 04:40PM
Listened to a few tracks.. Super awesome :) I dig it
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