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Broque: The Hermit - Libre 1 - Metempsychosis

Famous for his place in the 90s Munich Techno scene, The Hermit is the rediscovery of the German netlabel Broque. His new EP Liber 1 - Metempsychosis contains 8 tracks of dub, electronic and glitch inspired by occultism, kabbalah and Aleister Crowley. This EP is a new beginning for The Hermet, and considering the number in the title, this will probably not be the last.

Check the english release-notes on and listen to the full release on the Free Music Archive. This EP has been curated by Johannes from


After an extensive creative break throughout the past years, his recent EP marks not only a fresh start but also a complete turning point where everything that matters lies in the future, not in the past. "Liber 1" is filled with symbolism and transcendental references, most notably to occultism, kabbalah occultism and one of its most prominent masters, Aleister Crowley. At the same time it opens up a whole new musical microcosm formed out of dub, glitches, electronica and polyrhythmic hip hop. What sounds like an adventurous and mind-blowing combination of Adrian Sherwood, Autechre und King Tubby in fact surprises the listener with every single track. Still, the EP features a charming pop appeal, not least induced by a range of vocalists who bring in some indigenous grounding again. Each and every track tells its very own unfathomable yet engaging story and keeps revealing entirely new facets and storylines continuously. Luckily these stories did not come to an ending yet and we already are looking forward very much to their continuation as part of the upcoming “Liber 2 EP”. 


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