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Progolog on 02/07/2013 at 02:18AM

Broque: The Hermit - Libre 1 - Metempsychosis

Famous for his place in the 90s Munich Techno scene, The Hermit is the rediscovery of the German netlabel Broque. His new EP Liber 1 - Metempsychosis contains 8 tracks of dub, electronic and glitch inspired by occultism, kabbalah and Aleister Crowley. This EP is a new beginning for The Hermet, and considering the number in the title, this will probably not be the last.

Check the english release-notes on and listen to the full release on the Free Music Archive. This EP has been curated by Johannes from

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the hermit, broque
Progolog on 03/10/2012 at 03:30PM

mGee - Stand

A new Blocsonic release that lit up my ultimate weekend playlist. mGee have published their release "Stand" containing only 2 tracks. In this case, this small release weights more heavier in it's sound. The two songs are currently running on heavy rotation and i think this ain't gonna change very soon. 

"Let me introduce to you our fortyFive series of releases. fortyFives are our take on the classic 7" single format. An A side, a B side and tracks no longer than 6 minutes in length. Because of this, it’s the perfect format to allow us the freedom to quickly surprise you with new music any day of the week by any current or future artists. They send us the music, we quickly get it to you. 

For this premiere fortyFive, we’ve got a little something by blocSonic’s founder and creator Mike Gregoire aka mGee. Later this year he’s serving as a guinea pig to test out a new hybrid release model with a two part album release, “Tourist Trap, Parts 1 & 2” (more details to come later this year). Until then, he plans on releasing the occasional fortyFive for you to enjoy.

On this one you’ll find a brand new track called “Stand” which samples the great Josh Woodward song “Let It In” and a remastered and updated version of the first track he released via back in 2010, “Kick It Along The Transit Line (fortyFive Version)”.

Here's the blogpost on my german blog

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hip-hop, mgee, blocsonic
Progolog on 01/03/2012 at 05:09PM

Instagr/am/bient: 25 Sonic Postcards

Maybe you've heard about this crazy photo mikroblogging tool called A few days ago, a group of artists started a project called "Instagr/am/bient: 25 Sonic Postcards". First they shot photos with an ambient background and shared them via Then they composed a piece of ambient music inspired by a different artist's photo. The project was organized by Marc Weidenbaum, who has run the ambient/electronic music website since 1996. Here's a quote from the original post on disquiet:

"The result of the 25 musicians’ collective efforts is an investigation into the intersection of technology, aesthetics, and artistic process. What parallels exist, for example, between the visual filters that Instagram provides users to transform their photos and the sound-processing tools employed by electronic musicians? In many cases here, the musicians employ sonic field recordings as source material for their music. In the case of both their photos and their compositions (photography in one case, phonography in the other), documents are altered to emphasize their atmospheric qualities: to eke a modest art out of the everyday.”

All of the tracks were originally posted under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license to the Internet Archive. There, you can also find a 58-page PDF with full-page reproductions of the images and additional information on all the participating musicians.  You can also find the whole album uploaded to the Free Music Archive, and check the german posting on  my german blog

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Progolog on 08/15/2011 at 03:00PM

Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Atom EP

On the first of August in 2011 Jakub Nox Ambroziak aka Seventeen Bricks released his new record "Atom EP". The whole EP is containing 9 experimental electronia tracks and Remix Tracks by Robot Koch and Teielte.

Seventeen Bricks asked me if i could upload his EP to the FreeMusicArchive and so here it is. Check it out.

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Progolog on 06/05/2011 at 02:00PM

Illocanblo/Bass Assassin - Peony Lantern (Split EP)

"The Peony Lantern (Split EP)" by Illocanblo and Bass Assassin is a 10 Track EP with a whole bunch of great dubstep music. The EP is released as a Split EP which means, that both artists produced their own tracks, and remixed one track, that is produced by the other one.

"Illocanblo and Bass Assassin - Fwonk*s first artists to hail from deepest Russia & Ukraine - present ten tracks of the hardest, grungiest, glitchiest, wobbliest and just damn outstanding house-inflicted dubstep around, partially inspired by the classic Japanese ghost story of Botan Dōrō."

You can get the whole EP right here.

All tracks are being released under a creative-commons-license (cc-by-nc-sa)

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