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Northern-Spy_Records on 10/18/2011 at 05:02AM

Colin Langenus: Digitally, Systematically, and Periodically

Hey all. This is Colin L. (USAISAMONSTER, CSC Funk Band, Bullroarer, MassDist) and this is what I’m doing…

I’m working on my 2012 album entitled COL. That’s taking up most of my time. I’m thinking about it and working on it a lot. Its all getting planned in my head. And all the moves are getting made. I’m handing it off in December. Gonna take that long.

But I’m also making another album, more like a cassette, but neither. I’m gonna mix these out there outtakes and side jams and whatever new recorded gems. Weirder, maybe more noisy, less focused, not COL, looser, random, more, but just plain fun jams. Whatever I want. Having fun with our Tac board and our studio. Sorta a song a month, on the side. Sorta another record. Its all exciting to me.

NSPY is gonna release these jams digitally, systematically, and periodically on the internet for free and for ya’ll.





Ying Yang Jam

This first jam is a new jam entitled YING YANG JAM, although names
are irrelevant. It was made by me and Eli Winograd on guitar and
fretless bass, respectively. Call this “WINOGRAD LANGENUS” or
Colin and Eli” or “Colin L. Orchestra.” We’re collaborating heavily
in both the Orchestra and our studio.

Ying Yang Jam is something like we do sometimes and I’m glad to
get a good one recorded. Loosey goosey mellow free no jazz
microtonal but not really. I’m so glad I get to do this with Eli. Glad
it exists. It fits right in to the all the musical concepts I’m working on
these days. Its much freer than COL is gonna be. But it compliments
it.  It’s the same to me. Keeping the music laid back, but on this jam,
super no key center now music. Doing this thing, cause its one of our
things. And this is whats I’m talking about. Thanks. Tom Hanks.


Loop Thru Me And Go In

So. This is #2 from the OUT COL album dropping periodically
1 song at a time.

This song is me and eli jamming with greg, alex, and turner
from Guardian Alien. LOOP THRU ME AND GO IN.

I’ve been friends with GA for a while. I feel them. And one
night a couple months ago I played a very drunken very late
16 song solo acoustic set at Zebulon. There was about 8
people there and GA stayed til the very end! I decided right
away that these dudes need to be on my next album. Vibes!
We got together and jammed one nite at St. Cecilia’s. Eli
engineered it (and subsequently helped mix and mastered it).
We did about 3 long jams. I got what I wanted for the album
and theres leftovers that I really like. Heres one of em.

Yall take care.


Take Air

This is the 3rd jam for OUT COL. I’m releasing jams every month
til COL is out.

TAKE AIR took shape outta another sess for the album. Got Will
Berney on the drums and of course, Eli Winograd on the bass,
and me on guitars, synths, and tamborine. Eli and me mixed and
mastered it.

Eli and Will grew up together and have played music together
intensively. They automatically lock in. They have a thing. You
always want your rhythm section to really communicate, to have
years together. Sometimes all it takes is players getting drunk or
jamming once together, and then they have something together,
and it adds to the music. These guys trust each other.

Will is in HORSE SPIRIT PENTETRATES in western mass. Eli
and Will did 2 PRONG POWER TRIO on Europe tour and the
record SOURCE FROGS which is available on this FREE MUSIC

These dudes locked in on this groove. It feels so nice. I just
noodled on top.


Cicada House

,O.K! Here’s my 4th track for OUT COL! Released monthly til my norspy double LP drops.
That’s total a quadruple record. That’s what I’m doing. And some other stuff, but you know…

This is my first foray into electronic music, drum machine music, techno, ableton - whatever
you want to call it….I often blame the drummer for screwing up the music. So I’m finally doing
the beats myself with the computer. Now I only have me to blame. And blame I do. I end up
screwing up the beats just like the drummers! It has been an interesting lesson. There will be
a few songs using ableton on my upcoming 2012 release COL… Alot of genres. I made this music
alone. Eli Winograd mixed and mastered it.

These Cicadas were recorded in rural Virginia, and now they’re my hi hats and shakers…
Thx for listening!



Searching for God

Hey now! Hope you’re having a nice December. Here’s my jam of the month. This is the
2nd jam for OUT COL featuring Guardian Alien. The folks on this track are Greg Fox,
Turner Williams, Alex Drewchin, Eli Winograd, and I. Eli also mixed and mastered the

This jams sorta jokingly entitled Searching for God, but not really. The term God doesn’t
mean anything specific to me. But we’re definitely searching on this track. I’m proud of
my guitar playing on this track, proud to be playing with these people, going for it.

Out Col is already over an hour long. I’m gonna keep putting out songs monthly til COL
is released, in September 2012 I think. Its gonna be a internet only triple LP by then. Plus
Col is a double LP. That’s 5!

I feel so thankful to Eli, who is putting almost as much work into this music I am, and to
Northern Spy for the idea and the hustle, and to the great musicians! (I’m working on my
grammy speech)

I hope you put on OUT COL quiet and mellow in the background while you’re hanging
out with your better half or friends while cooking or doing the dishes or unwinding after
work or something. Or I hope you dive headfirst off a cliff into this stuff blasting it until
eviction. Either would be fine by me.


Empty Club

Hello! Welcome to the 6th installment of Out Col. Its called ‘Empty Club.’ This song
consists of me and Eli Winograd messing around with drum machine, guitar, and pedals.
We jammed and then folded it on top of each other. And then folded it again.

We named this song Empty Club after the name of the reverb preset we used, and also we
are both laughingly aware of how it sounds in empty clubs. LOL.

I feel really lucky to get to work with Eli. I’m a big fan of his music. He has a couple
records on this Free Music Archive as ‘2 Prong.’ That’s his solo moniker. He also plays
in Guardian Alien, Colin L. Orchestra, and whoever. He also is a talented mix engineer,
producer, and he’s getting into mastering too. We have a studio together in Greenpoint

Among many other things, Eli mixed and mastered all the tracks on this here Out Col.

I’m ignoring the Giants game on the radio behind me as I write this.

Thanks for listening!



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