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estandar on 09/25/2011 at 02:13PM

San Pedro el Cortez - El Vals Mefisto

San Pedro el Cortez is a new band emerging from the raw sounds of Tijuana, formed by guitar, bass, drums and vocals creating a crude desperate atmosphere, we recently had the chance to see the powerful and literally incendiary live performance in their nest city. They describe themselves like this:

“Simultaneously giving harmony and pronounced movements with influences from blues, punk rock, garage and psych rock with rhythmic landscapes. Coming from the absurd, chaotic and dirty things of the daily life that creates a state of mental sickness that influence the sound we transmit. Raucous noisy primitive sounds is what you gonna get when you listen to San Pedro's Magical Pandemonium! That encapsulates the trashiness of the 60s garage psych and punk from Los Saicos to The Spits”

We will follow closely and keep you updated with new from San Pedro el Cortez and other bands from Tijuana like Santos Balcones Durango that are not to be missed.



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