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'Gasoline' & 'Meaningmore' by Mentira Mentira

Mentira by Jaime Martinez

Mentira Mentira is a Mexican band from Monterrey. Formed in 2009, they’re known for their “never know whats going to happen” live shows, described as “the most intense performances the city of Mountains has ever seen…” (Nene Records fanzine, 2010). Mentira’s frontman and only member Gaby (born in ‘88 in the border city of Tijuana) has been called “a true force of nature” and a “Rock Music Showman” (Club Fonograma, 2010, 2011). They currently operate from Mexico City.

MM has played all across Mexico in most of the landmark D.I.Y. venues across the country, in cities such as Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City, Tijuana,(where the crowd actually punched and bottled Gaby after a long rant about how he was glad to leave his hometown), even in Saltillo. In the summers of 2010 and 2011 Mentira also rocked U.S. audiences, playing in front of drug fueled kids in cities such as Boston, New York, San Diego, L.A….  and all of this without a record online!

Finally, in late June 2011, after almost two years of failed recording sessions, Mentira Mentira released two debut albums, which can be downloaded at the bands website ( "GASOLINE" was released by Mexico City’s only vinyl label Vale Vergas Discos (Tron, Juan Ciderol) and "MEANINGMORE" by Monterrey’s now legendary Nene Records netlabel (Bam Bam, Ratas del Vaticano).  To support these records, Mentira released videos for both “Turnaway” (directed by Jaime Martinez – Neet Records) and “Time Time”, a montage of Charles Manson’s clips put together by Gaby himself. Both videos can be seen after the jump or at the band's website.

Gasoline published this summer by

Meaningmore published this summer by 

"Time Time" by Mentira Mentira, from Meaningmore (Nene Records)


"Turnaway" video directed by Jaime Martinez, from Meaningmore (Nene Records)



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