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estandar on 07/05/2011 at 09:00AM


From a mystical and moody begining to a coma like ending, the journey of these eleven songs comes through a very strange but steady quest. Here we discover the sound of obscure and intimate exploration of otherworldliness coming from Mexico, an equally diverse and strange country.

More than a compilation, Compilado 002 is a collection of rarities dashed out from memory and urban mythology (kind of like the picture from the cover art) of music made in the last lustrum or so. From jams conceived for one-night-only (that, luckily, were recorded) to musical projects that sprawl in a bedroom lost in a tiny city somewhere, we are guided to a night roadtrip with no maps and a few lights; sometimes we see a ghost, sometimes we spot a wild animal; sometimes we can’t explain what we see. This is a slow burner, and be aware of the depths you might reach from hearing this from beginning to end with no stops or pauses: you might find yourself turning into a nahual, into a machine, into a tiny particle of energy, into a werewolf or just into yourself but darker. This music finds its way back into your ears. That cannot be a coincidence. A spell, maybe.

The following tracks were previuosly published on mexican independent labels.
*Monstruos del Dolor (Extos de la mañana - Isotonic Records, 2011) 
*Estructura II (Mandorla
2009  Estructuras de la Tarde / Bleur - CD 001 )
*The Order Aam Arkestra Mix  (Chez noboby - Static Discos 2009)
*Quirk Quark (Umor Rex: Relaunch Compilation)
*Down! Ondeado (Down! - Nene records 2008)



jason on 07/05/11 at 08:11PM
listening in sequence / turning into a nahual
diamantinas on 07/05/11 at 09:28PM
now i leave to die in the deserts
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