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jason on 11/18/2010 at 12:00AM

Mix from Dogmazic, le portail de musique libre

dogmazic.netThe French Free Music portal hosts a great range of sounds that struck many good notes to my freeform-natured ears. So I thought to open a curatorial collaboration between our sites. I received a nice response from co-founder Rico, who told me that "many of our members are also users of FMA and auditors of the excellent radio WFMU." In fact, there's already some nice overlap between our libraries -- in labels from France (LCL, Jahtari, Ego Twister) and beyond (Portugal's You Are Not Stealing Records, Yogyakarta's Yes No Wave). But that's just part of the Venn diagram.

Rico's introductory Dogmazic mix presents 20 tracks that are completely new to the FMA. There's a natural focus on French artists, but at the same time a range of genre-fusing music from all over: the Malian/French collaboration Lessazo; psych-folk from Sharitah Manush; a John Wayne-themed lofi pop anthem from The Netherlands' De nieuwe vrolijkheid; funky downtempo fusion from Helsinksi's Northbound; glitch-hop from Bordeaux's Sushisooshamp; New Jersey's own The Fuzz close things out with "God Bless The Radio," a track originally released in 1995 that starts off by sampling an old WFMU station ID -- nice!!

Mixmaster Rico writes:

Dogmazic is the first libre music download manager in France. It was created in December 2004 by the Musique libre ! non-profit based in Bordeaux.
Musique Libre ! is a major hacktivist of the French free music movement.

Dogmazic's musical archive contains roughly 45000 tracks from 4000 artists, 300 (net)labels, coming from 40 countries. Musicians and labels subscribe daily for free and share their music.
All of Dogmazic's music is licenced under terms that permit free redistribution, such as Creative Commons licenses and the Free Art License.

Dogmazic does not carry any advertising.

Other complementary projects:
-Automazic interactive stations:
-Pragmazic music store:

All of these artists have more free music to offer on Dogmazic and beyond -- you'll find links and info on their FMA artist profiles. Thanks to Rico for sharing his great taste with us and thanks to the artists for sharing their music with the world, encouraging us all to spread the good word!



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