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ckutmusic on 10/24/2012 at 05:52PM

The Psychic Connection: Maica Mia

Photos by Robin Wattie

Maica Mia is a meeting point where the musical lines of Maica Armata's vocals and guitar converge with Johnny Paradise's percussion and programming in time and audible space. Their live shows are devastating - period. It seems to all come down to the impeccable timing between the two, who seem to be intuitively tuned to one another's musical intentions. In the interview, Maica states: "I think we learned to play music together before we ever really learned to properly converse." Their song structures contain an underlying tension that commands attention to every subtle development. There's no rushing to the finish line, no gratuitous flourishes, their sound is raw and rich as can be heard on their very very limited self released 12" Sparcity Blues (there are 8 left..or less now) that was released in February. 



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