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ckutmusic on 10/24/2012 at 10:00AM

Shaking All Over: Holzkopf

Photo by Jovian Francey

Holzkopf is a Vancouver-based cross-genre experimenter whose musical output varies from ambient dim-scapes to banging dance beats laced with dissonance and grit. He's a master arranger whose centrifugal force does things with collage that are unexpected and challenging to the ears and bodies it puts into motion. I'm not suggesting that it sounds cut-up and jagged, though there are moments where you can practically hear the edges of the sound material being shorn, but rather that there's something seemless that drives all the disparate elements into a cohesive whole.

My first exposure to Holzkopf's music was via the 2008 Eschaton Industries LP Pure Bliss No Earth EP which mixes low end drones, electronic swells and noise with fragments from gospel vocal recordings. I listened to this record so many times, that has left a permanent impression in my secondary sensory cortex.

This track without a title, performed live on CKUT's Sunday afternoon machine music haven, Modular Systems, hosted by Cyan, is like a deconstruction of sorts, all the while keeping a steady pulse. The track goes on several brief situationist-style dérives into saturated nodes that border on harsh noise music while retaining a driving pulse.



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