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johnOTO on 12/12/2012 at 12:03PM

OTO fundraiser

Since Cafe Oto first opened in April 2008 with a solo performance by Saya of Tenniscoats we've tried to put together a space that feels great for both performers and the people who come to listen to the music. We've been incredibly fortunate to have so many incredible musicians play here from both London and the world over and fantastically enthusiastic and attentive audiences. We'd love to be able to up our game in 2013 by renewing the equipment we have here and make the experience even better for everyone.

To that end, we're currently doing a bit of a fundraiser. We held a wonderful concert last night by pianist John Tilbury playing a number of Morton Feldman's early piano works that raised more than £1400 to put towards our new grand piano and we've also produced a few limited edition items that people can opt to receive when they make a donation to the fund including limited edition vinyl LPs by Thurston Moore/Alex Ward and Fred Frith/Christian Marclay. We've also got some auction lots including items from Evan Parker, Eddie Prevost, Oren Ambarchi, Lawrence English, David Toop and Mike Cooper.

Hopefully we'll be able to raise enough funds to get some recording gear in house. At the moment our archive is a bit patchy - from multi-tracked and mixed recordings such as Steve Gunn, Jon Mueller and Anthony Pateras/Valerio Tricoli duo to 'bootleg' audience recordings like Phil's recording of Cam Deas performing Quadtych parts I, II and III and Pete Coward's recording of Steve Noble and Frode Gjerstad. One of the things on our list is a multi-track recorder that we can plug straight into our front of house desk so that recording all shows is made a whole lot easier!

If you've got a bit of cash spare, then head over to our website for details on how to donate.  Either way, there is sure to be more great music to come!



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