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jason on 05/11/2011 at 01:00PM

May 19-21st: WFMU Live Streams BLIP FESTIVAL from Eyebeam

Banner300x250 The world's premier international chipmusic event event, the Blip Festival returns to NY May 19-21. WFMU will be there live streaming direct from Eyebeam to your home computer. We'll also compile another Blip Festival collection here at the FMA for all to share!

Produced by 8bitpeoples & The Tank, the Blip Festival celebrates the best and brightest from the realm of chipmusic and its related discilplines. This year, artists from all over the world will converge at Eyebeam, the leading not-for-profit art and technology center in the USA, for three days of arresting music and visual art utilizing former heavyweights of computing like the Commodore 64 and Amiga, the  Atari ST and 2600, the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy.

Some rights reserved by Anne HelmondWFMU will once again be webcasting live from the Blip Festival! So if you’re not able to make it to Eyebeam in the flesh, you can surf on over to each night for the live stream, Accu-Playlist, photos and a realtime comments board. WFMU DJs Bennett4Senate, Marty McSorely, and Jason Sigal will be joined by special guest DJ XC3N from Montreal CISM | 89.3FM to host and DJ between sets both on the stream and in-person at Eyebeam.

Highlights from these performances will be available from the Free Music Archive, where you can also enjoy a vast collection of mp3s from the 2009 Blip Festival at the Bell House in Brooklyn! Below, True Chip Till Death's Peter Swimm (who is also a 2011 Blip Festival performer!) made a mix of highlights from artists who performed at the most recent NYC edition of the Blip Festival:

Check out for more information, and this year's incredible lineup which includes musicians like Anamanaguchi, Bubblyfish, Tristan Perich, and Minusbaby paired with visual artists like visualicious, m7kenji, No Carrier, and Party Time! Hexcellent!, plus "Arcade After Parties" hosted by Babycastles and a whole lot more! See you at Eyebeam and/or surfin' the live stream!



katya-oddio on 05/12/11 at 03:20AM
Last year's video feeds were fantastic! Felt like I was there. Happy to read WFMU will be a part of the festival again.
jason on 05/12/11 at 03:30AM
ahh I should've been more clear in the post, but there'll be no video feed unless we are blessed by some bandwidth and camera magic (which is always possible!) but there will definitely be audio and still images at least. So it'll be like La Jetée... but better!?
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