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Blip Festival : Trash-bin symphonies and ray-chasing pixel pushers

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jason on 06/09/2011 at 04:00PM

Blip Festival NY 2011 Round 1

Blip Festival, the world's premier international chipmusic event, celebrated their 5th anniversary May 19-21 at Manhattan art & technology center Eyebeam. For the second year, WFMU was on-hand to stream live audio, and we had a blast!

Organized by The Tank and 8bitpeoples, Blip Festival brings together a range of incredible artists working within the realm of "chip", utlizing classic computing systems like the Game Boy, Amiga and Atari to produce music in an array of styles. Many of the performers incorporated other instruments into their set, including guitars, drums, Minusbaby even brought along band with clarinet, tuba, cavaquinho, mandolin, agogô, tamborim, pandeiro, and surdo! With daytime workshops at Eyebeam and afterparties at Babycastles, the Blip Festival is a multimedia experience. Every musician was paired with a visualist if they weren't providing their own, backed by three video screens.

We've kicked off the Blip11 Collection here on the FMA with a dozen sets by...

4mat  ::  cTrix  ::  exileFaker  ::  Henry Homesweet  ::  Minusbaby  ::  NNNNNNNNNN  ::  Tristan Perich   ::  Ralp  ::  Stagediver  ::  Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families  ::  Ultrasyd  ::  Wet Mango

These are tracks that that want to be shared, and there are a bunch more on the way. You can subscribe to the RSS feed here if you'd like to know the minute new tracks appear...dig in and stay tuned!

>> Full FMA Blip11 Collection



113 on 06/22/11 at 08:15PM
Please Round 2!!!
jason on 06/22/11 at 08:16PM
:) we're working on it, keep an ear out
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