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woktherock on 10/06/2010 at 10:45AM

New Young Tribe of Indonesia

Indonesia as an archipaelago country has a lots of traditional musics ranging from the wild-hard tempo, rhythmic-yet-trance to slowest-ambience tone of sound. There are some contemporary musicians who develop this music to the new form, a fusion. But usually they're come from people who has traditional art background or music academy education. But it's very rare for young people who grew up listening to popular music like pop, rock, or electronic to get into traditional music. It looks so old-fashion and not cool. So, it's very surprising if they play this un-trendy music and yet infuse it with the anger of punk attitude.

Rully Shabara is a frontman and vocalist of Zoo, a math-rock/experimental band based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In Zoo's latest trilogy album he develop the music direction with traditional music approach by using javanesse language and traditional instrument but still in the vein of punk music. Meanwhile, Wukir Suryadi devoted his life into traditional music even in his teen he also listening to rock and heavy metal (musical genre that very popular in Indonesia back in the '80s). He is best known when he create his own instrument named Bambuwukir by himself. This self-made instrument constructed from bamboo, reminds of the Sasando from Rote, an island part of the East Nusa Tenggara province of the Lesser Sunda Islands. A couple of distinct differences though between Wukir and Sasando music. Firstly, besides plucking the strings on the circular harp, he also bows the strings.

They were met when Wukir played at Yes No Klub gig -a monthly event organized by Yes No Wave Music and Performance Klub in Yogyakarta. Both were found the same interest and strong chemistry, then they start to rehearse a few times and think forward to record their works. The result is a 6 piece of powerful contemporary tribal songs entitled Senyawa and released it for free download at Yes No Wave Music, a netlabel from Indonesia. Different from Zoo, this collaboration more into traditional music feel. Since then, Wukir now join in Zoo and the band begin to write the new album for next year. It will bring the traditional music to young popular music scene in Indonesia and so the rest of the world. Enjoy.



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