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jason on 11/01/2010 at 06:30PM

new LP from Dan Melchior: Catbirds & Cardinals

The new Dan Melchior Und Das Menace album, Catbirds & Cardinals, was going to be released on vinyl later this year. But unfortunately those plans fell through, so Dan contacted us, and of course we were more than happy to debut his new LP here on the Free Music Archive:

Dan Melchior is a universal favorite here at WFMU (he's played here 4x!). Last year, he gifted the FMA with a batch of unreleased rarities (one of which, 'deep fried circuits', has reappeared on Catbirds & Cardinals).

This latest LP was recorded solo in the ex-Londoner/ex-NewYorker's current homebase of Durham, North Carolina. With psychedelic fuzz and lyrical wit, it ups the ante on what has already been an excellent year in Melchior.

For those craving Das Menace on vinyl, did you catch the Visionary Pangs 12'' LP? It came out in September on S.S Records, where you can also find 2009's 2xLP Thank You Very Much. Also this year, the UK's Savoury Days imprint released the "A Celebration of Middlesex" split 7" w/ the Pheromoans.

I had the chance to catch Dan Melchior Und Das Menace live earlier this year, with a lineup that included Anthony Allman of El Jesus de Magico on keys, and will be featured on future recordings...

>> Dan Melchior Home Page
>> Dan Melchior FMA Profile



John Badger on 11/03/10 at 07:41PM
Awesome - really looking forward to this one.
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