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BTurner on 02/14/2011 at 11:57AM

WFMU & Free Music Archive at SXSW March 18th

Halfjap (pictured left: Half Japanese's Fair brothers sorting out a lift to Torchy's after the show) Friday, March 18th: we return again to the State To Which Not To Mess for another sauce-slathered evening of curated live music at the SXSW festival in Austin! For the 4th year in a row, WFMU will be broadcasting full sets live from Barbarella (formerly Encore, formerly Spiro's) at 615 Red River in the heart of downtown Austin. We couldn't be more stoked about the variety of sounds this year: Amen Dunes, él-g, Sun Araw, The Endtables, Whitehorse! We do have one act we're not allowed to announce until the day before the show (sorry), because of some contractual booking-type biz, but we will say that he/she/they are big WFMU faves and you won't be sorry if you turn up! Trust us! We're psyched for the show, though we are missing our pals from Aquarius Records this year (they co-curated our 2009 and 2010 shows), but this year WFMU teams up (naturally) with the Free Music Archive for 2011.

If you've tuned in or travelled down to check out the past FMU shows, you've had the chance to witness some amazing performances ofrom the likes of Half Japanese, Dengue Fever, Gunslingers, Mayyors, Pierced Arrows, Los Llamarada, Carla Bozulich, Harvey Milk, Drunkdriver, Shit & Shine, Absu, Kelley Stoltz, Moon Duo, the Homosexuals, Woven Hand, Iron Man, and many others.This year's show starts at 8PM on the dot Austin time (broadcasting 9PM NYC time on WFMU). Liz Berg, Ken Freedman, Brian Turner, Diane Kamikaze and Jason Sigal will all be manning the FMU helm -- come by and say hi! Here's some more info on the lineup:

8PM: Amen Dunes
Amen Dunes - Dia"Amen Dunes has pretty well got all the acid folk & psychedelic rock angles covered," Scott Williams wrote on the occasion of this this 2009 live session, "and whether or not the name puns on 'Amon Duul', the Krautrock connection is clear." Amen Dunes first popped up on our radar via the Locust release Dia, recorded while main dune Damon McMahan was living near the Temple of Earth in North-Central Beijing. He has since returned to NY, the city whose Sacred Bones label issued 2010's Murder Dull Mind 12'' EP. Here's an mp3 off that EP -- Diane -- originally posted as part of Taraka Larson's Amen Dunes feature.

9PM: él-g
Capitaine Présent # 5 ( One-Sided LP - 2009 - Nashazphone Laurent Gerard is a Frenchman now redeposited on a rooftop studio sanctuary overlooking Brussels, and in the years since he sent his mysterious CDRs to WFMU has grown into a fave around these parts. A freeform hybrid of Franco-folk/experimentalism (akin to some of the Brigitte Fontaine/Areski outings), Residents zonked atmosphere, the woodsy vibeage of Matt Valentine and the Finnish freakfolk crew, dosed with Beefheart sidestep. His My Space page also drops references to Phew, Jessica Rylan, and Bobb Trimble. Releases on KRAAK, S-S, Le Vilain Chien and other fine labels put in the proof, él-g has also worked within units like Opéra Mort and Reines D´Angleterre (the latter including experimental great Ghédalia Tazartès).

10PM: Sun Araw
BEACHHEAD Son of Austin Cameron Stallones has spent recent years soaking up the coastal vibes of Long Beach CA. While on guitar duty for Not Not Fun psych-jammers Magic Lantern (and as a late member of Pocahaunted), Sun Araw began as an outlet for Stallones' solo tapestries, dubbed-out loops and re-zoned 60s/70s psychedelia (he's been known to cover Neil Young). Now four LPs deep, Sun Araw is showing no signs of slowing down with a new studio space / imprint "Sun Ark." Last year, Woodsist released Off Duty / Boat Trip, while Not Not Fun released the 2xLP On Patrol. Check out "Deep Cover" from the latter below, and also check out the stellar music video. Sun Araw's Free Music Archive profile plays host to more promo mp3s, including live performances from L.A.'s dublab and Amsterdam's OCII club, offering a taste of what's in store for SXSW 2011.

11PM: The Endtables

Endtables Holy hell! First show in 25 years from these Louisville punk legends, and the Drag City compilation of their EP/singles/live stuff from '79 came out a couple years ago and was #1 on FMU's heavy airplay list (as was the Bold Beginning comp, which retraced the steps of the Kentucky punk/new wave scene the Endtables shared with the likes of Babylon Dance Band, No Fun, Blinders, and Malignant Growth. "Trick Or Treat" is as historically important as "Nervous Breakdown" without question, the Endtables neatly sewed together detached art-punk, DIY aesthetic and Radio Birdman/Stooges buzzsawing.

12M: Special Guest TBA

1AM: Whitehorse
Whitehorse- Flames To Light The Way / Everything Ablaze 12 Perfect way to round off the night: Australia's Whitehorse are masters of producing slow-crawling, crushing slabs of metallic doom (think Khanate/Corrupted), that spiral into total chaos. Long, surging walls of severely heavy claustrophobic sound, building with electronics into total destruction!

Ocean Turns To Black (Edit) mp3 via 20 Buck Spin



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