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jason on 08/31/2011 at 05:46AM

Asian Women on the Telephone - Chelsea Grandpa, USA Tour

Asian Women on the Telephone? My Lord, what would Yuri Andropov make of this mysterious pseudonym-attired bunch of miscreants? The tracks on this Moscow quintet's Chelsea Grandpa CD-R open up clogged passages in one's 3rd ear by driving a motherfausting caveman club right through it. All the evidence required is on the falsetto-melt of "Scania-Man"/"Commandment 69" and the Flipper meets Can of "High Grade".  Recorded live and released without any post-production, the mangled stew seems to emanate from somewhere between a state of visionary mental instability and a healthy sense of the absurd. Just try to get through the damaged guitar/keyboard/drums of "Feeling Round Dance" and the lysergic space portal of "Aspect-Son" without seeing a wood nymph on a tricycle wielding a battle axe. Hopefully this lunatic fringe will invade U.S. shores soon. Judging by AWOTT's video clips, the lo-fi free-psych-noise gurgitation-rock costume-drama is a killer spectacle! Come to think of it, I bet Yuri would be proud. You can download material (several albums worth!) via AWOTT's Free Music Archive profile! [via Daniel Blumin at WFMU's Beware of the Blog]

Asian Women on the Telephone are going to make their USA debut in October, which is very exciting because, as Liz B wrote in her AWOTT feature, "When the band performs live, they dress up like overgrown mutant arthropods" -- seriously, check this out!

Tour dates below are subject to changes and additions, and if you see AWOTT member Nikita (aka Raretist) around the FMA, be sure to say hey

Oct 8 Albany NY @ UAG Gallery w/Spreaders
Oct 9 NYC Brooklyn @ Bruar Falls w/Advaita/Guerilla Toss + 1 more TBA
Oct 11 NYC CAKE SHOP NYC w/Spreaders/Manburger Surgical
Oct 13 San Francisco @ Stud Bar w/California Bleeding/Sutekh Hexen
Oct 14 Portland @ The Know w/Big Black Cloud
Oct 15 Olympia @ TBA w/Broken Water
Oct 16 Seattle @ Josephine w/Perpetual Rituals
Oct 23 LA @ the Smell w/TBA
Oct 27 Oakland @ Mama Buzz w/TBA



raretist on 09/22/11 at 10:26AM
for more more updates follow the link
raretist on 09/23/11 at 09:48PM
tour updates

Sat Oct 8 @ UAG Gallery Albany, NY w/ Spreaders // Holy Sheet // Bone Parade // Ghoul Poon

Sun Oct 9 @ Bruar Falls Brooklyn, NY w/ Advaita // Guerilla Toss // Celestial Shore

Tue Oct 11 @ Cake Shop NYC, NY w/ Manburger Surgical // Spreaders // Zilmrah

Thu Oct 13 @ Stud Bar San Francisco, CA w/ California Bleeding // Sutekh Hexen // Wounded Stag

Fri Oct 14 @ the Know Portland, OR w/ Big Black Cloud // Ellipse Elkshow

Sat Oct 15 @ Phantom City Records Olympia, WA w/ Broken Water // Sewn Leather

Sun Oct 16 @ the Josephine Seattle, WA w/ Perpetual Ritual // Broken Water // WaMü

Sun Oct 23 @ the Smell LA, CA w/ Human Hands // more TBA

Thu Oct 27 @ Mama Buzz Cafe SF Oakland, CA w/ Kitchen Wallet // James Keane

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