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jason on 03/02/2012 at 04:00PM

Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) Curates a Month of 'Slow Radio,' Talks Broadband in The Wire

Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) has a new article in the fantastic Wire Magazine series Collateral Damage, in which artists respond to the effects of the internet.

"In the early 2000s, increased bandwidth allowed recombinant artists to enter the gift economy. It’s a freedom we should defend at all costs, argues Vicki Bennett aka People Like Us" [Read the full article at The Wire Magazine]

In the article, Vicki observes that the abundance of music at our fingertips "shifts the way one listens, as the process becomes more like a ‘one-off’ experience of something that is ‘live’ or ‘unrepeatable’, almost like it was before the age of recording." But we should be wary of putting our faith in the cloud; "My main concern over the cloud is that this ‘automatic and effortless’ experience of access may be improved upon by eventually narrowing down results to only mainstream or sponsored content."

Vicki Bennett's 744-hour-long Radio Boredcast airs this month as part of AV Festival 12: As Slow As Possible. Among the 100 slow music contributors are Mark Gergis (Porest/Sublime Frequencies), Radio Web MACBA, Jason Willett, Zach Layton (Issue Project Room), Andy Bayo (, Chris & Cozey, Matmos, Ergo Phizmiz, Dylan Nyoukis, Jared Blum, Felix Kubin, Gudrun Gut, Irene Moon, DJ/rupture and a bunch of other WFMU DJs.

We are proud to host a collection of People Like Us recordings here on the Free Music Archive. A few selections are below, including "DO or DIY" from her 2003 John Peel session, "I'm Backwards" from Christian Marclay's Sounds of Christmas at Tate Modern, a re-working of Daphne Oram commissioned by the UK's Sonic Arts Network (now known as Sound And Music), and "Happy" from last year's This Is Light Music.

>> Bob Ostertag in The Wire: "The Web Changes Our Understanding of Music" 
>> Liz B on People Like Us Reworks Daphne Oram: "Queens of Avant Garde Pop"



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