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Scott_Williams on 01/03/2009 at 12:45AM

U.S. Girls Live on WFMU

Us_girls_046Filling in for Hatch this week, I had the thrilling opportunity to present a live set of music from the Chicago entity known as U.S. Girls, which is actually one U.S. girl, named Megan Remy. Packing nothing more than a reel-to-reel tape deck, a mic, and 2 stomp boxes, U.S. Girls delivered a maelstrom of classic pop filtered through something unknowable and kinda crazy, I don't know what it is. I'll indulge the facile "A meets B" thing by saying imagine Phil Spector covered by The Conet Project, or The Dave Clark 5 as done by a gang of angry ghosts. It's strangely still pop music, stripped of all affect, leaving behind the pure emotion and meaning of songs like "Bits and Pieces" and The Kinks' "Days".


Here, for your health and holistic well-being, is the entire set U.S. Girls played, including the un-aired (and un-airable) full 27 minute chat. You can also check out the entire set as broadcast, complete with listener commentary and contextualizing other stuff (up to and including Pete Townshend's 1982 masterpiece "Slit Skirts"), here.


mp3s: St Jude Boys Choir | Bits & Pieces (Dave Clark 5 cover) | Come See Lightly | Don't Understand That Man | Everyone I Know Is So Insane | Prove It All Night (Bruce Springsteen cover) | O What A Nite | Days (Kinks cover) | Buzz Chant | I Can Hear Music (Ronettes / Beach Boys cover) | interview (complete, unedited & unexpurgated)

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Siltbreeze recently released the excellent Introducing U.S. Girls; visit their site for more. And here's a great writeup at the 20 jazzfunk greats blog. Jump the flip for more pics, plus some awesome video of "I Can Hear Music", shot by Jason Sigal.




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