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jason on 05/14/2010 at 01:00PM

Swiss Bedroom All-Stars (pka Gateaux Blasters)

GB pka Gâteaux Blasters is the duo of Olmo (aka Uiutna) and Elia (aka Exteenager), from Geneva, Switzerland. GB is part of a collective of Swiss experimental/electronic/gurgley-folkpop artists, centered around the Das Andere Selbst and Zonoff netlabels, and the Wildrfid label. They describe their approach as "impro-ritual music" with "attitude (and sounds!) from lo-fi galaxies". What does that mean? Take a listen to their live set from Talk's Cheap, an extended meditative jam, to get a sense of what we're talkin about...

I first heard of GB through their slammin' Olympo 12'', the debut release from the Wildrfid label which turned out to be one of my favorite WFMU new bin discoveries last year. Browsing the Internet for more, I discovered Das Andere Selbst (German for "The Other Self"). This handcrafted Creative Commons netlabel is home to "Music from the Bedroom Allstars" like h., Anita, Mela Zeta, Donald Suck, Scappare di Casa and many more -- artists who converged on Switzerland from Italy, France, Germany to join forces with likeminded sonic travelers.

Following their live performance, GB did a DJ a set featuring music from a few of these artists. The set included a track by the mysterious Marshall Reptilos, a pal of the Sun City Girls who allegedly hordes tapes upon tapes of his own mindblowing recordings that have never been properly issued. You can check out the full DJ set here, and download a few of the tracks from the FMA (below).

Elia and Olmo also left me with The Wild Tape, a cassette artifact from Zonoff's Wild Party that went down in 2006. Listening to the tape, it's not exactly what I would call "Wild", but it is very good, ranging from mellow electronics to bizzarely danceable glitch, to heartbreaking folk tunes like this song by the artist "Amy" out of the UK. You can listen to the whole tape here.

For more sounds from the Bedroom Allstars check out LizB's feature from a couple months back, the Das Andere Selbst FMA page,,, and



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