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doncbruital on 11/17/2009 at 04:13PM

Stand Aside, If Athwart...

Talk Normal...and make way for TALK NORMAL at your raiding party's head, for if the mundanity and affected effortlessness of gentlest rock and roll is what you're looking to combat, best let these folks lead the way. As danger's thrill, primal atmosphere, and ritualistic stirring of the soul can be hard things to come by in music (never mind that's what it's there for), attend their shows and take rigorous notes. Special attention ought to be paid to the way in which their dead simple setup of guitar-and-drumkit rhythmlock seals out meander and complacency, high-pressurizes to the fore active engagement and confrontation, and precipitates no small amount of attention-narrowing till all you can detect is the strabismic/spasmodic interplay of suggestive silence and noisy wash, energies potential and kinetic, withhold and release, numbing out the dull constancy of lazy inattention. Oh, that rhythmic part? It's groovy and dance-prompting as they get, and--see what I'm saying?--fun.

Yeah, I like these folks, and of course you do too; after all, you saw them tear it up at last month's WFMU Fest and have been rabidly eyeing their packed and multi-region-representative tour schedule while their debut full-length Sugarland on Rare Book Room stomps in the background. If this isn't true then surely it's because you've been taking breaks to watch their video for "In a Strangeland" over and over, or tracking down their prior self-titled release along with the excellent Secret Cog EP, or, yeah, indulging in some of the WFMU-rattling sounds they unloaded on Marty McSorley's show back in June, available for your immediate and unrelenting perusal/obsession on their FMA page.

All well and good, but if all you admirably depth-plumbing readers want to really get hip to the way the music of Talk Normal pounds on the ineffectuality of moseying rock-and-roll-by-numbers with anxiously building squall, timed with military precision and reinforced and commented upon by vociferously fear-mounting lyrics and jolt-vocals--and seeing's they're on the road with other faves like Wet Hair, Sun Araw, and Shearing Pinx--well, you've got to see this band's live show. Go get jolted, like, but don't be surprised if, in the wake of Talk Normal's splintery-sharded attack, other bands seem a little too content to keep things safe and gentle, less wont to ratchet the stakes with a paranoiac thrust, and thus, yeah, a lot less exhilarating.



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