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jason on 11/09/2011 at 01:00PM

Revolution as a Loop: Sol Rezza's Radio-Arte

Sol Rezza and Daniel Iván from the multimedia performance Matar al Gato 2.0: Ekrypotica

SPIT is the latest work from Argentinian sound artist Sol Rezza, manipulating sounds sourced from lawn mowers and lakes, crickets and dogs, into strange sonic narratives. Take "Revolution as a Loop" (below), and experience the full 47-minutes here on FMA or at Sol Rezza's Radio-Arte. Be sure to use headphones, because SPIT was designed for not only designed for stereophonic listening, but selected for the first series of concerts in the Turbulence Sound Matrix, Steve Heimbecker's 64-channel surround sound system.

Sol Rezza is also half of Panz4 Troupé, a duo with Mexican multimedia artist Daniel Iván. Here's a video of Matar al Gato 2.2: Ekpyrotica as performed live at Mexico City contemporary art venue Laboratorio Arte Alameda:

The Ekpyrotica series deals with the idea of Ekpyrosis, proposed by the Stoic philosophers. They believed the universe is repeated after every "great year", and that this repetition is preceeded by the universe's destruction via a "conflagration" (read more)



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