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Scott_Williams on 12/19/2009 at 01:35PM

ST 37 Live on WFMU: Some Hormone In Your Drone

Austin, Texas has got a lot to love if you're a music, bbq and concrete gorilla garden-gnome lover like me.  And the assorted distorted musical minds of ST 37 measure their Austin roots back to the 13th Floor Elevators.  Tapping into the future with furrows into gardens also visited by the Buttholes and Scratch Acid, ST 37 has arguably now achieved the status of greatest working surrealist psychedelic punk band in Texas.

ST 37 formally came together in 1987, as a collaborative project between several other Austin bands.  Scott Telles, Joel and Carlton Crutcher, and Jon Torn (son of Rip) laid down the blueprint: a heavy devotion to Hawkwind, Chrome (from whose Alien Soundtracks they took their name), and the original Krautrock band of 5 (Neu, Kraftwerk, Amon Duul, Can, Ash Ra Temple).  Lest the beards get too long, live sets always included covers by the likes of the Urinals and Aussie deviant Pip Proud.  By the summer of 2000, Telles and the Crutchers remained, with new guys playing Theremins, guitars and more synths, to make their first visit to New York.  While here, they stopped off at my WFMU show to play a set that was wasted, shambolic and visionary.  They've agreed to freely share these tracks with us.  Enjoy!

ST 37 live set on Scott's show, August 11 2000, here

ST 37 home page here

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david james mcdevitt on 12/20/09 at 05:47PM
Cosmic Background Radio: Where I Write about Live on WFMU Aug 2000 by ST 37

I like music from the stars. The cosmic background radiation; that voice from heaven & the strong male song of the sun vibrating to me in 9 minutes of light travel. Its all sci-fi & down home at the same time. What i mean is: of the stars and of the dirt at the same time. That is the essence of cool & warmth.

Its like the moon farmer; you know what I mean? Its real sonic sound. Its light/its light. i know/i know. light≠sonic . sound=sonic. But light sounds. Those sounds that visualize bending light for you.

If you get it, then you may understand why my mind is live. More live. More better.

Listen to this twice, to go thru the everyday mundane action of space flight. Spacemonkeys... everything. And I'm not trying to be funny.
jason on 12/20/09 at 08:28PM
whoa awesome!!
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