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jason on 02/26/2010 at 03:46PM

New York Noise legends Ike Yard return

Ike Yard, NYC March 2007 Photo: Tim Saccenti source

Founded in 1979, the downtown art band Ike Yard created a new sound by tapping into the UK post-punk dub of PiL and Joy Division, the Neue Deutsche Welle of DAF, and the krautrock experimentation of Can. Their 1982 album 'A Fact A Second' (released on Factory Records) has stood the test of time and is considered a classic in the minimalist genre. -John Allen/WFMU

Ike Yard disbanded in 1983, but reunited a few years back in conjunction with their 1980-82 retrospective CD on Acute Records. The lineup features three of the four original members -- Stuart Argabright, Kenny Compton, & Michael Diekmann. On January 29, 2007, WFMU's John Allen hosted a set of new music from Ike Yard.

A track from that session, "Traffikers", will be released on a new Ike Yard full-length titled Nord, coming spring 2010 from Denmark's Phisteria label.

This month, Phisteria releases the Öst EP -- the first new Ike Yard recordings in 27 years. The 10'' is limited to 250 copies, with two new Ike Yard tracks, and two remixes from Phisteria acts Waldchengarten and Hinsidan.

In the interim, Ike Yard founding member Stuart Argabright has had many other projects. His short-lived group The Dominatrix wrote the techno-clash song "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" in 1984, and the music video was featured at the MoMA's Looking At Music series. He has also done significant -- even Emmy-nominated sound design and soundtrack work. Argabright visited WFMU in 2009 with Outpost for a tribute to JG Ballard. Enjoy a first-wave Ike Yard clip after the jump



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