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hiptran on 10/08/2010 at 02:00PM

Mors Ontologica [An MP3 Mixtape]

A lot of weird stuff crosses the communal desk known as the WFMU new bin, but when records by Mors Ontologica started drifting through said territory back in 2007, I knew right away they'd be going big places. Provided, of course, that we have a shared understanding of "big places" meaning "somehow slipping entirely under the radar of music tastemakers and the approval index to which they contribute."

Yeah. Too bad for Mors Ontologica—a band that deserves the accolades of present history's rock royalty, but whom today will have to settle for the enthusiastic ramblings of a benched WFMU DJ who usually blogs about cooking. With luck, 2011 will be their year to finally conquer.

Cultural injustice rhapsodies aside, it is an incredibly classy move on the band's part for posting their entire recorded output in the Free Music Archive for download. That's a pair of stellar albums, two EPs, and two excellent live sessions recorded on WFMU by the mighty Liz Berg. Mors Ontologica deliver lo-fi crud rock in the finest Ohio tradition (think Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Mike Rep & the Quotas, Gaunt), with gravelly vocals pushed waaaaay the hell up front, and an approach to the three chord theory that somehow manages to sound fresh and innovative. On a few songs, they even wheel out the sax and keyboards with sonically expansive effects that in no way dial up comparisons to skinny-tied new wave bands. Yeah!

From the intimidating 55 tracks available for grabbing in the FMA, I created this album-length mix as a more compact and approachable gateway for those who've not yet sampled this fine band's wares. In other words, these are my immediate favorites which have been culled from the Don't Cry and Dead and/or Famous LPs, as well as the equally awesome Telemetric Action EP. Give this mix a listen, and then go digging through the tracks I've omitted for more excellence. Better still, pick up all the original vinyl from VSS Records who've just released the band's brand new double LP. All hail Columbus!

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