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Scott_Williams on 09/23/2009 at 12:00PM

Mink Lungs: Ritalin Feast 2000

Betcha didn't know there was a full Mink Lungs artist page, right here on the Free Music Archive!  (Betcha didn't know you should be looking for one.)  Herewith, an introduction: Mink Lungs were likely my favorite pop band of the early aughts.  Formed at a diner in the Hamptons in 1998, they evolved in the same super-fertile late-90s NYC gunk that nurtured Oneida, Liars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, Strokes and so many more (is Cokey's still around?).  Thankfully, no one ever prescribed anything for their hyperactivity and total ADD, otherwise there may not have been a Mink Lungs for you and I to talk about today.

First time I heard these Brooklyn ragamuffins, my take was "Bob Pollard with a Nashville heart".  9 years down the road, I'll stand by that estimate.  A family affair, Mink Lungs are the brothers Tim (the laid-back one) and Gian Carlo (the hyper one) Feleppa; Gian's gal-pal Jen Hoopes ("Miss Frosty"). plus drummer Tom Galbraith.  Last time I saw them was probably at the Mercury Lounge way back in 2001, when they shared a bill with the embryonic Animal Collective and my own long-gone band.  Let's check in with Miss Frosty to see what's going on these days...

Miss Frosty reports that while all 4 band members are still making lots of noise, the Mink Lungs are no longer a going concern (though a reunion isn't out of the question).  Founders Gian and Jen are still playing together, in the band Emergency Party and as a duo called Both.  They're also babymaking now (mazel tov, Jen and Gian!)

Gian Carlo can also recently be heard plucking that sitar on the new Oneida record "Rated O" and has released some amazingly strange and beautiful sitar records under the inscrutable name "Judy Jaeger".  There also exist many of Gian Carlo's media collages and bits of danceable weirdness under the name Glove Compartment, many of which are freely downloadable on the FMA.

Tim is still upstairs from Gian and Jen, making recordings.  Doesn't get out much though.  If you manage to stumble upon any of his CDRs (bearing the name "Tim"), you should buy them.  Great pop singing and songwriting, Tim is definitely a secret weapon.

Tom is back where he started, San Francisco, having resumed his day job with the world-famous Blank Stares.


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