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jason on 09/30/2010 at 12:30PM

Hiiragi Fukuda: My Turntable Is Slow

Get in the zone with My Turntable Is Slow, the second psychedelic folk-pop album from Tokyo-based guitarist & songwriter Hiiraki Fukuda. A member of Holy Mountain recording artist Doronco Gumo, Hiiraki Fukuda's solo debut Oya Wa Touhoku, Oto Kumori (Fuyusouri Music Publishing) featured former members of Les Rallizes Denudes and Maher Shalal Hash Baz.

A limited-run cassette version is now available from Belgium's Sloow Tapes, but Hiiragi is also looking for a label to reissue it on vinyl. Got any leads? You can contact him thru his FMA artist profile.

We have a CD-R of My Turntable Is Slow in the new bin here at WFMU, where we're currently experiencing some bizarrely tropical weather that's seeping into our programming. "You should take an umbrella with you," a short drippy marimba piece, made a perfect start to DJ Trouble's show this morning.

My favorite track might be "Down a Dirt Road", but the whole album has a sweet atmospheric groove...dig in to My Turntable Is Slow, and hopefully soon we'll be able to hear it on a real turntable!




jessibird on 09/30/10 at 09:10PM
Oh, I love this! So pretty and relaxing. I won't let my lack of a turntable stop me from enjoying this. I'm putting it on my iPod and taking it on the road to help me chill whenever I need to.

May Hiiraki find the label of his dreams!
jessibird on 09/30/10 at 09:12PM
Whoops, I mean Hiiragi. Sorry!
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